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" I have been zooming around the course on my Mantys for a couple of weeks now, it is most useful and good fun to drive. It certainly works as advertised - Easy to get used to, climbs 20% grades easily. It is stable and much easier to steer than the GolfBoard. I can load the Mantys by myself in the back of my  mid-sized SUV.. I do it in two steps: fist the front and then the back No trouble .It certainly attracts attention"

Hank Holt
Christchurch NZ

" I Can’t believe how good the Mantys is.  So much fun to ride, easy to manoeuvre and far better than a cart for many reasons. Highly recommend particularly if you have arthritic knees like me or just want to play a few holes after work where you can get around the course in a fraction of the time normal walking takes.  Get one."

Dean Mottram
The Heritage Golf Club VIC


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