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Dimensions: 1200 x 740 x 1400 [LxWxH mm]

Dimensions folded: 1200 x 740 x 500 [LxWxH mm]

Weight:  38 kg/84 lbs.

Top speed:  16kph

Range: 36 holes

Batteries:  2x 36V Li-ion 15Ah

Motors:   2x 400W geared electric hubmotors in rear wheels

Wheels:  110/50-R6.5 turf saver profile

Braking:  dual disc brakes

Suspension:   oil-damped shock absorbers

"Stable and much easier to steer than the Golfboard"

      - Hank Holt, Christchurch NZ

The Mantys is a new type of electric golf vehicle, delivering a fun and dynamic yet comfortable ride! With a range of 36 holes, the Mantys has the power to effortlessly take a 20% climb with turf saving tyres and is  your perfect companion for a game of golf.


The Mantys has a unique and fun way of handling and is controlled by shifting your weight with skiing-like movements. The Mantys blends the advantages of walking with the comfort of riding.

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